The stakeholders have detected monetary losses, due customers continually fall behind in their payments or do not pay the correct amount.

They thought that the redesign of their application could help them in order to increase their income.


Business empathy

In this case, the project was outsourced so the first step was really important. I decided to convey a little workshop to meet, empathize and understand where this requirement come from. The first move was planned and executed a collaborative session to align expectations, define the scope, identify risks and identify proto-personas.

Users empathy

Once the business challenge were clear. I realized that the best way to know our user pain points, needs and motivations was through contextual interviews.



In this case we include primary and secondary profiles. As primary cards users and as secondary (card sellers)


The conclusion was to redesign the app in order to provide information about where, when and how to pay in a understandable, clear and neat way for the final users.

Usability testing

Next steps